Manufacturers of Multi Foil Insulation and Reflective Breathable Membranes, loft conversion, re-roofing, timber frame walls, offsite construction of volumetric modular units, A1 non-combustible to BS EN 13501-1


Multi Foil Insulation

social & private housing roof, over rafter insulation

PhotonAir is a 2 in 1 breathable multifoil insulation combining the thermal performance of multi foil insulation with Klober Permo® air underlay. Installed in the same way as a standard breathable roofing felt, PhotonAir is water tight and upgrades the thermal value of your roof whilst removing the risk of condensation.

PhotonAir is constructed with high density glasswool at its core, encapsulated between a perforated reflective lower layer and Klober Permo® air.

PhotonAir is ideal for difficult to insulate buildings as it can be installed without a vapour barrier and can also be installed without the need to counter batten so there is no change in roof height.

PhotonAir is a TRUE low resistance (LR ) underlay:

  • BS EN5250:2011 states that only LR underlays remove the risk of interstitial condensation forming without the need for any associated ventilation to roof voids.
  • NHBC accepts the use of membranes certified as both air and vapour-open without the requirement for supporting ridge or high level ventilation.

PhotonAir has been independently tested and certified to the latest European Standards by accredited European test houses and has achieved LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Registered Details.

Advice on installation, project support, U-value or condensation risk calculations is only a phone call away.

PhotonAir will help you save space, time and money!