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Breathable Reflective Membrane

timber frame wall outside frame insulation

PhotonWrap is a high-performance reflective breather membrane specifically designed to enhance thermal performance of external walls whilst minimising the risk of interstitial condensation . Its durable design gives enhanced protection of external walls during the construction process.

Now available as PhotonWrap-A1: A1 non-combustible to BS EN13501-1 , the same fire classification as Stone wool, Glass wool, Concrete and Bricks!

PhotonWrap-A1 is the first A1 non-combustible reflective breather membrane and whilst it was designed to enhance the thermal performance of timber frame walls it is suitable for use in many external wall types (timber frame, metal stud, concrete etc.) for buildings which pose a higher risk for fire safety: residential blocks of flats, student accommodations, care homes, sheltered housing, hospitals, dormitories in boarding schools with a storey above 18 m in height and high risk residential buildings (HRRB).

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) submitted evidence to the Government’s consultation on banning the use of combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise residential buildings. The RIBA recommends European Classification A1 rather than A2 in the external wall construction, to protect against production of smoke and flaming particles/droplets.

PhotonWrap-A1 is a unique woven glass and aluminium foil composite and has been certified as A1 non-combustible in accordance with BS EN13501-1 by BRE Global Ltd (Report Number Q100799-1004).

  • Reflective breather membrane, external fitting
  • Available as A1 non-combustible
  • Excellent vapour permeability
  • Low emissivity reflective surface boosts thermal performance
  • UV, heat and corrosion resistant
  • Roll size 50m x 1.35m

PhotonWrap has been independently tested and certified to the latest European Standards by accredited European test houses

Advice on installation, project support, U-value or condensation risk calculations is only a phone call away.

PhotonWrap will help you save space, time and money!