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Breathable Multi Foil Insulation

timber frame wall outside frame insulation

PhotonFrame is the breathable version of PhotonFoil, designed for cold side installation.

Now available as PhotonFrame-A1: A1 non-combustible to BS EN13501-1 , the same fire classification as Stone wool, Glass wool, Concrete and Bricks!

PhotonFrame is a highly breathable multi foil insulation designed for installation on the cold side of timber frame structures. PhotonFrame is constructed with a high density glasswool core encased in micro-perforated low emissivity outer layers. PhotonFrame-A1 has been certified as A1 non-combustible in accordance with BS EN13501-1 by BRE Global Ltd (Report Number Q100799-1003).

PhotonFrame was developed at the request of our timber frame housing customers who typically use PhotonFoil (AVCL) on the warm side of a wall but wanted a breathable version to install on the cold side of the frame.

PhotonFrame can be installed in combination with PhotonFoil to deliver Passivhaus standards of insulation with regular 140mm glass filled studs.

Whilst PhotonFrame was developed for timber frame new build housing it is widely used in offsite construction of volumetric modular units where energy and moisture management are critical. It is also suitable for use in many external wall types (metal stud, concrete etc.).

PhotonFrame has been independently tested and certified to the latest European Standards by accredited European test houses and has achieved LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Registered Details.

Advice on installation, project support, U-value or condensation risk calculations is only a phone call away.

PhotonFrame will help you save space, time and money!